Event videography is a specialised form of videography that focuses on capturing memorable moments from special events. Event videographers use various techniques, from traditional single-camera setups to high-tech multi-camera setups, to capture the action as it happens. Our event videographers in Singapore maintain high levels of professionalism throughout the event and are able to anticipate what will happen next to get the best shots. The most important part of event videography is capturing the emotion and memorable moments of the event.

A professional videographer can capture the most meaningful moments and create a story through their footage. They will use various techniques to ensure the footage is of the highest quality, including multiple lenses, camera angles, and lighting techniques. After the event, the videographer will edit the footage to create a cinematic experience that will bring viewers back to the event. Event videography is an important part of capturing the memories of a special event. It can create a keepsake video from corporate events to weddings, birthday parties, or other special occasions. The footage can also be further used in promotional and marketing videos, for businesses or charities. Event videography helps create a lasting memories of the event that can be shared with business partners, family and friends for years.

Event videography is an important part of capturing the memories of a special event. It requires skill, creativity, and experience to ensure that the footage is of the highest quality. With the help of a talented event videographer, a special event can be captured and remembered for years to come. What sets apart an excellent videographer is their ability to work well with the event planner and other vendors to understand and deliver quality videos. 



Filming conferences and speaking events have become increasingly popular especially since the return of international travel post-Covid. It allows speakers to reach a wider audience and capture and preserve the event for future use. Additionally, filming enables event organisers to monetise and promote the event better. When filming conferences and speaking events, it is essential to consider the lighting, sound quality, and visuals. It is also important to ensure that the footage is clear, accurate, and professional. If filming on location, it is vital to plan and ensure enough space and resources for the filming crew. The filming crew should also pay close attention to the speakers and the audience. They should capture important moments and ensure the event is documented thoroughly.

Additionally, checking the footage for technical issues before the event is important. Finally, ensuring that any footage captured is properly stored and archived is important. This allows the footage to be accessed and used later if needed. It also helps to ensure that the footage is recovered and protected.


Filming grand openings and launches is crucial for documenting business milestones. When filming such events, it is crucial to ensure that the videographer captures the significance and  grandeur of the situation. Lighting should be considered, and the right camera angles should be chosen to ensure that the video is of the highest quality. It is also important to have a director who can provide direction and focus on the key elements of the event. The sound should be considered, and the right audio recording equipment should be used to ensure that the audio is crystal clear. 


Once you have narrowed down the videographers to work with, be sure to give ample information about the subject, eg. product information and background. While your team may be familiar and well versed with your brand, its products and services, and business goals, an outsider would be new to it.

The right professionals will show the right amount of interest, ask the appropriate questions, and inspire confidence in the end result. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you need to. Be as transparent and upfront as you can with crucial information and you will see the fruits of it trickle down to your film makers.


Filming music festivals is an exciting and unique way to capture the crowd’s energy and the artists’ performance. It can be a thrilling experience to be out in the thick of the action and document the whole event through the lens of a camera. Filming music festivals can be a creative and rewarding project, as it allows one to capture all of a live performance’s sights, sounds, and emotions. The footage can be used to create a stunning visual narrative that can be shared with the world. With the right equipment and creativity, music festival filming can be a great way to document a fantastic event.


Filming PR and Publicity Events are an important part of a business’s public relations strategy. It allows a company to capture memorable moments and create content that can be shared with a broader audience. When filming these events, it is crucial to consider the lighting and sound quality of the footage. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all event elements are captured. It is important to ensure that the footage is edited and presented in an informative and engaging way. This can be done by highlighting key moments and adding appropriate audio and visual effects. 


Filming Dinner and Dances are a great way to capture the atmosphere and excitement of the event. It can be used to create company culture videos, show the audience what went on during the event or even save the event’s memory. When filming a company DnD or party, capturing all the details that make the event unique is essential. Start by getting a wide-angle shot of the whole event to give the viewers an overview of what is happening. Then move in closer to get photos of the guests, the decor, and any activities taking place. For more personable videos, get shots of guests interacting with the videographer. Getting plenty of soundbites from the guests is also essential to give the viewers a sense of enthusiasm and excitement.

Event Photography - Event Photographer Singapore

Filming weddings is a wonderful way to capture special moments and emotions in a creative and meaningful way. It requires skill, creativity, and attention to detail to capture the perfect shots. The camera person must be experienced in capturing the intimate moments of the wedding, from the bride and groom exchanging vows to the first dance. They also need to be able to capture candid shots of the guests, decorations, and other elements of the wedding. It is vital to have the right equipment, such as a good-quality camera, lenses, and lighting, to ensure that the footage looks professional.

Wedding Photography - Event Photographer Singapore
  •  Create a buzz – People love the camera, and having the opportunity to have yourself clicked by a professional is always exciting. You can also make many connections and get great future gigs through these events.
  • Engage with your audience – Unlike other types of videography, in event videography, you can directly engage with your audience, which is always a great experience.
  • You can share your message on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience – It is a great way to let the world know what occurred at the event and attract a larger audience.
  • You can bring your event to a virtual audience – It is a way to share the event even with those who were not physically present at the event.

Choosing an event videographer can be daunting, but it is important to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an event videographer in Singapore: 

  1. Reputation – Researching the event videographer’s reputation and portfolio is essential. Ask for references and look for reviews online. 
  2. Experience – Consider the videographer’s experience in shooting events like yours. Make sure they are familiar with the type of event you are hosting. 
  3. Price – Make sure you know the entire cost of the video production, including any additional costs such as travel and editing. 
  4. Style – Take a look at the videographer’s style and ensure it matches your event’s look and feel. Ask to see samples of their work to get an idea of their style.
  5. Technology – Ensure the event videographer uses the latest technology and equipment.
  6. Communication – The event videographer should be good at communicating with you, understanding and predicting your needs with their experience. Make sure you are both on the same page and that they understand your expectations.


    If you are looking for a videographer in Singapore, the most trustworthy source would be direct referrals from your close circle. Alternatively, searching for an event videography company online is another great way but can be tricky. Checking through their client reviews is a reliable to know if the company is professional and experienced. You can also find detailed portfolios of fantastic videographers online as well. Contacting an event company is also a very viable option.

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