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Don’t resort to stock images, selfies or blurry images by a friend or colleague.

Corporate events are becoming trendy nowadays, to promote a company’s internal relations in order to interact with their customers. Incorporating pictures of your team into your company website and portfolio is a creative way of putting a face to the brand. In business and commerce today, customers cherish personalized experiences and want to work with a company that is approachable and recognizable. 

Then again, selfies and blurry images of corporate events don’t work on corporate platforms. This is where corporate photography at Event Photographer Singapore comes in.

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Professionally taken photos pays for itself over the course of business.

That’s why our clients rely on our corporate event photography here at Event Photographer Singapore.

Good corporate photography and portraits, along with an interactive corporate video production helps your company gain recognition easily, especially when there’s media or press releases for the Singapore market or other regions.

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We specialise in making you look good

Event Photographer Singapore provides corporate photography for organizations who need some corporate event photos taken.

With a seasoned and competent team who has had various years of experience in photography, we are able to provide the best services to our clientele in Singapore.

Not only will corporate photography help your company get recognized in Singapore, but you can also re-purpose it in marketing decks and press releases.


3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Corporate Photography Experience in Singapore

Having had relevant and sufficient experience in providing corporate photography to big and small organizations in Singapore, we have some helpful tips to help you and your company look your best in your pictures.

1. Dress in Business Attire

You would want to look professional in your pictures so that your clients would take you seriously. In this sense, make sure your company dons appropriate business attire.


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2. Apply Light Makeup

While makeup can add emphasis to key features of your face, you might want to tone it down just a notch as cakey makeup can look too dramatic for a corporate photoshoot. Instead, opt for matte and natural makeup

3. Find Your Best Angle

Before your photoshoot, make sure you are aware of your angles and which looks the best. Practice in the mirror the night before.



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