Corporate Event Live Stream

In these unprecedented times, the workplace has rapidly evolved with changing circumstances. One thing that remains hard to replace is the in person event and networking. With events of all sizes opening up, live streaming is an essential service to deliver the event experience to events and companies of all sizes and requirements.

Types of Corporate Live Streaming

Annual General Meeting or Board Meeting Livestreams

AGMs and board meetings are one of the biggest events a company has, confidential sharings of the business takes place. Professional live streams will allow for clear visuals and crisp audio, very often only achievable with professional gear.

Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

Virtual and hybrid conferences both have the goal of reaching a wider audience. When delegates are locked in, they will want to attend the event, physically or remotely. Virtual conferences can be very demanding and tricky to pull off. With the right team of live stream providers, this can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved.

Live Stream Presentations or Launches

Corporate presentations occasionally require high quality video feed and sound. The occasion could be an important presentation, client pitch, product demo or launch event.

This can be an external or internal event that requires discretion and confidentiality. With Livestream by EPS, our team of highly trained professionals will deliver the entire experience hassle free, taking care of every big and small detail. Your event team can fully focus on the rest of the operations or execution.

Virtual Trainings and Workshops

Virtual training have often taken the form of video recordings. However, there is rarely a replacement for a two way communication. Live streaming a workshop with feedback allows the students to pose questions and interact with the trainer. The trainer is in turn able to gauge participants’ engagement level and make adjustments to the course.

Training is very important to a company as it ensure that your team grows adapts to the market, growing their institutional knowledge.

With EPS as your live streaming provider, your trainers can fully focus on their role while we handle every technical aspect to ensure an immersive and hassle free virtual learning experience.

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The right equipment and team for your Corporate Livestream

At Event Photographers Singapore we take pride in providing our customers with only the best services and equipment for their needs. This is backed up with our technical know how and problem solving skills to navigate every scenario, ensuring the best quality services for organisers and guests.

Quality & Experience in livestreaming

With a long track record of working with corporate clients, our team is committed to excellence every time. Our team at Event Photographers Singapore has been delivering incredible livestreams for events large and small. We are always prepared and are adaptable to any client request.

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