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In a time disrupted by the pandemic, attending live events in person is becoming increasingly problematic. These disruptions can be costly and cause monetary losses. The good news? Our professional web streaming services make it easier than ever to broadcast the event experience! Whether you need a sales meeting streamed online for new customers or education sessions delivered over video chat, Annual General Meetings, or to celebrate joyous events with your loved ones, Event Photographers Singapore is here to serve you.

In uncertain times holding live events has become difficult due to disruptions. Professional Web Streaming and technical support that facilitates these are more affordable now than ever before which enables our clients who want their messages seen. Celebrate joyous occasions with family and friends such as weddings, baptisms or gender reveal parties. Be a part of workshops, prize presentations, graduation ceremonies, and other school events even when physically attending may not be possible.

Conference video streaming

Event Live Stream

Eliminating the physical distance for event attendance

Event livestream in Singapore can give our clients the ability to bring their guests closer together from anywhere. School events can be streamed live over the internet, from graduation ceremonies, sports day, prize presentations, workshops, and other events. Online concerts and stage shows can go virtual to bring in a larger audience, both locally and internationally. Another category of event that is being live streamed are fundraisers, charity events, town hall and grassroots meetings.

Bottomline is, every event can be creatively brought to a larger audience with modern livestreaming technology and amazing service providers.

Wedding Live Stream

Making our clients’ special day magnificent for everyone

While actual day wedding live stream is a relatively new concept, it has revolutionised the wedding experience for couples for the better. One key reason wedding streaming services are becoming increasingly popular is that even with restrictions and travel limitations, guests will be able to attend such a monumental day from their convenience. Broadcasting weddings is a new way of creating memories to cherish for years to come while sharing the experience with your family and friends who live in distant countries or unable to attend physically.

With the live experience recorded, they are an excellent keepsake and alternative to wedding videography. We are always able to work with our client’s vendors and AV team to get the best audio for your guest. Live streaming has become such an art that they are now filmed with multiple cameras. This means that you would have multiple angles of the big moments on video for everyone to enjoy.

EPS holy matrimony livestream

Have Your Event Details on Hand?

livestream seminar

Corporate Events Live Stream

Make it engaging for everyone, no matter the distance

When hosting a corporate event livestream, it is important that the day goes smoothly and with a great experience for everyone involved. To help our clients’ livestream get broadcasted successfully, Event Photographers Singapore will help work with our client’s stakeholders to manage the event, no matter where they are. AGMs, launches, award ceremonies, openings, and workshops can be streamed live to allow employees, customers, and shareholders to feel connected with the company even if they are in a different time zone or in a different country altogether.

Our streaming solutions offer a way to convert an in-person event into a live or hybrid experience. We can create custom packages for customers, with options that include multiple HD cameras streams from different locations and branded graphics overlays. This integrates beautifully with other audience engagement services so content is streamed publicly or privately on the internet. We work with our clients to deliver the best end results.

Private Function Live Stream

Celebrating with loved ones without boundaries

As the world adapts to the new norm, we continue to find ways to have celebrations with loved ones. Event Photographers Singapore wants to help make each personal event special for our clients. From helping to stream religious events such as baptisms, christenings, bar mitzvahs, and other religious events, to helping a couple to find an exciting way to do a gender reveal live stream to share their joyous news. This even encompasses baby announcements, anniversaries, and birthdays. We help to bring our customers joy on their special day by taking care of their private event live stream.

Through livestreaming technology, family events can carry on the same fun and joyous spirit.

EPS family event livestream

Live streaming funeral & memorial services

With pandemic restrictions, it can be extremely difficult to travel and be present when a loved one passes on. This particularly so for the elderly or immunocompromised. Event Photographer Singapore helps our clients deliver their final goodbyes hassle free. We offer funeral live streams so that our clients can focus on being present while we host their guests who could not come in person. Eulogies and ceremonies can be streamed and documented in high definition.

Why Choose Live Streaming by EPS?

Have a hassle-free livestream experience with us

Be it at a residence or workshop, Event Photographers Singapore will be where the activity is with our High Definition cameras, sound system setup, and all the necessary equipment. The technicals will be completely taken care of by our team, who will be on hand throughout the event to react responsively to any changes.

We are confident in our use of multiple livestream platforms; Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Youtube Live, IG Live, Facebook Live, and other video streams. Our clients get to enjoy a hassle-free experience and can concentrate on the event without worrying about much else.

The right equipment and team for your livestream

At Event Photographers Singapore we take pride in providing our customers with only the best services and equipment for their needs. This is backed up with our technical know how and problem solving skills to navigate every scenario, ensuring the best quality services for organisers and guests.

Quality & Experience in live streaming

With a long track record, our team is committed to delivering excellence. Our team at Event Photographers Singapore has been delivering incredible livestreams for events large and small. We are always prepared and are adaptable to any client request.

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