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Bring your guests closer together with an event livestream in Singapore.

Virtual Concerts, fundraisers, sporting events, graduation ceremonies and other school-related happenings can be watched live on the internet for those who are unable to attend due to space limitations or travel restrictions!

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Types of Events live streaming that works best

Graduation and convocation Live Stream

School graduation and convocation ceremony video streaming services are now common in many schools across Singapore for schools to celebrate their graduates.

Our team of professionals are experienced working with various schools in Singapore while providing excellent services at attractive pricing. This service helps stream the memorable and immersive graduation ceremonies to family and friends who may not be able to attend physically.

Virtual Fundraisers

Charity work is important. Many still want to volunteer their time and be involved, while some forms of fundraising is still possible in person, some have chosen to do live stream events or some sort of hybrid to raise money for their different charities. Live streaming fundraisers is a way to reach a wider base of donors who might have been untapped prior.

Townhall Meeting Live Stream

Townhall meetings can be effectively streamed to those unable to be present. This works well for nonprofit or nongovernmental organisations, various communities, schools, neighbourhood councils, and other groups. With limited spacing and the struggle of getting everyone together in one space, live streaming these meeting makes things a lot easier for everyone. Let EPS handle your next meeting livestream.

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Virtual Concerts

Many festivals and concerts have now switched to streaming as people are not able to come down to watch these concerts as easily as before. Live streaming concerts is a great way to broaden your fanbase by allowing people from other countries to enjoy your music.

School Event Live Stream

In adaption to distance learning and virtual school events, formal events are sometimes needed to be virtual too. Live streaming allows parents and guardians to attend their child’s milestone events and achievements without being physically present, circumventing limitations of venue size and health restrictions. These school events could include fundraisers, parent teacher meetings, end of the school year celebrations, sporting events, graduation, speech day events, or other celebrations.

Live-streaming Sporting Events

Sporting events are a very exciting time for people, not just for those competing. Engage friends, family, and spectators alike by live streaming your sporting events with Event Photographer Singapore to involve everyone.

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The right equipment and team for your Corporate Livestream

At Event Photographers Singapore we take pride in providing our customers with only the best services and equipment for their needs. This is backed up with our technical know how and problem solving skills to navigate every scenario, ensuring the best quality services for organisers and guests.

Quality & Experience in livestreaming

With a long track record of working with corporate clients, our team is committed to excellence every time. Our team at Event Photographers Singapore has been delivering incredible livestreams for events large and small. We are always prepared and are adaptable to any client request.

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