How to prepare for your photoshoot

Having a professional photoshoot and unsure of what to do next? We’ve got you covered with our essential checklist to prepare you for the day.

Now that you have chosen your professional photographer for the photoshoot, what’s next? A successful professional photoshoot involves a two-way partnership between the model and the professional photographer. Communication, preparation, practice and chemistry are the keys of a fruitful professional photoshoot. So let’s get started.

Talk to your Professional Photographer

Unless your photographer is Bruce Almighty, he or she can’t read your mind.

First and foremost, talk to your photographer. There are so many advantages to choosing a professional photographer as opposed to asking a friend for a favour to take some nice photographs. A professional photographer’s job is to guide you and make sure you bring home results you are truly satisfied with. After all, they would have worked with numerous clients and experienced many unique scenarios. Prior to the day, schedule a meeting with your photographer. You can send over and discuss your favourite self-portraits and sample photographs of models you wish to reference from. Don’t be shy to discuss your trouble areas too, everyone has areas that they rather hide from the camera. With the help of a good photographer, they can help you de-emphasise them and highlight your confident features instead.

The best photographers will proactively get to know you, your background, and your motivation for getting professional photos. So, keep the conversation going and don’t be shy about asking anything, even if it seems amateurish. Ask them what would suit you. Keep the photographer involved in all your decisions, even down to suggesting the best shade for your shoes and accessories. Turning a photoshoot into a partnership will only end up exceeding your own expectations.

Feel confident, be confident

As the famous Coco Chanel would put it, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. You are beautiful because you choose to be uncompromisingly, completely you and you choose to fully embrace and love yourself. Although the famous saying goes, look good feel good. We believe that when you feel good, you will naturally look good.

Walking with confidence is as good as winning half the battle. Feel good look good. You can even ring a loved one right before the shoot and get them to remind you how beautiful you are. Remember you are unabatingly radiant and that will translate in the photographs. So rock on, you!

Practice the Poses

Now that we’ve got your mind onto body confidence, it’s time to turn words into action.
Spend some time in front of a mirror or in the privacy of your home to practice. Better yet, have a partner, girlfriend, or someone you can trust to give some tips. – Positive vibes only. You know who NOT to talk to.

A lot of people tend to overlook this step. They believe that poses would come naturally on the day of photoshoot. Unless you are Asia’s Next Top Model, that’s probably not going to happen. Professional models and celebrities spend months, if not years, mastering their poses and looks. Take a look at these celebrities with their signature poses.

Taylor Swift with her ‘sideways, one hand on hip pose’

Image by: Cosmopolitan Today

Jennifer Lopez with her ‘One-leg-out pose’

Image by: USA Today

Dwane Johnson with his signature megawatt smile

Image by: Image by: Film Bilgi via flickr 

Some questions that will help you get started: Do you like your front or your side profile? If the latter, the side with the fringe or without? Hands on the hips or without? How should you position your legs? To find the answers to these questions, get in front of that mirror and start posing with that awesome outfit you’ve picked out for the photoshoot.

Practice makes perfect. There are no ugly people, only lazy people. If you put in this little bit of effort, we promise you it’ll pay off.

Discuss the Pre-shoot Details

Pre-shoots details need to be planned and organized with care to ensure things run smoothly on the day and you can focus on looking good. By opting for a professional photoshoot, (almost) everything will be arranged for you by the photographer. This is the reason why you took time to select an expert in this domain.

Here’s a check list to help you be well prepared to avoid surprises that’ll distract you on the day.

A simple pre-shoot checklist:

  1. Have a casual conversation about the reason or theme for the shoot
  2. Send over photos of yourself, angles you like about yourself
  3. Be upfront about any trouble areas you have that might make you feel sensitive or uncomfortable being in front of the camera
  4. Communicate date, timing, location, dressing, how many changes of outfit and if you have makeup artists or stylists along with you

Things You Should Never Do Before Your Photoshoot!

Finally, there are few things you should never do before a photoshoot. Any professional photographer will warn you about the following:

● Don’t try a new hairstyle or make an appointment for a haircut. Last-minute changes to your look can affect your confidence.

● Don’t experiment with new skincare products the days leading up to our photoshoot. New skincare products are a big no-no because of the risk of allergies and rashes. Side effects from new skincare treatments and products can destroy your shoot.

● Don’t stay out in the sun for too long and if you have to, a good sunscreen and aloe vera are your best friends. We’re pretty sure you won’t want to risk looking like a flushed lobster, would you? Redness becomes especially obvious in photographs and that’s a big no-no.

● Do not skimp on your beauty sleep before the day. Sleep will make you look fresh and radiant.

● Don’t overdo with heavy makeup. Whilst it is an important day and you would want to look your best, however opting for an enhanced natural look would bring out your best features better. Choosing to wear too much makeup tends to make you look unrealistic in the images.

For a memorable Singapore photoshoot, you need to stay, look and feel you.

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