Vacation photography in Singapore

What’s the best way to document your travels? Hiring a vacation photographer should be at the top of your list. Let us tell you why!

Singapore is an excellent choice of country to spend a hard-earned vacation in. From the lovely views of Marina Bay to the thrilling activities at Sentosa Island, there’s something for all ages to enjoy. You’re bound to have the time of your life here, as a solo traveller or with friends and family.

If you’re planning to vacation in Singapore, you will, we guarantee, be making tons of memories. Singapore has a unique heritage and agglomeration of cultures. From the glitz and glamour of Marina Bay Sands, to the majestic temples in Chinatown and Little India and colonial houses in Telok Ayer, your eyes will feast and your fingers will be sore from all the photograph snapping.

Take it from someone who had once doubted the worth of hiring a professional photographer during my travels, to someone who’s to-do list includes sourcing a local photographer wherever I travel to. I will tell you, try it once and welcome to the club. Hiring a best photography company in Singapore to capture these priceless moments will elevate the entire trip.

This will be THAT trip you talk about and fondly remember, so it only fits you have pictures that live up to it.

Why are vacation photographs important?

The world is big. Correction, it’s really huge. There’s so many countries to visit, endless cities to explore. I’ve lost track of the number of times I visit a new city and promised, “I’ll be back” upon leaving and, no surprises, 80% of those times, I haven’t. That’s why I make sure to fully indulge myself in every city and the way I do that is through photographs.

Especially for solo travellers, don’t forget to take photos of yourself. If you’re with friends and family, take even more. As life progresses and busies itself, you’ll realise the precious chances of such travels will be harder to come by.

It’s important to document these moments of life and relive them. As cliché as it sounds, when you revisit old photos, you enjoy a warm feeling of happiness and a surge of positivity that can help you through your tough days.

What are the best ways to take pictures on a vacation?

Mobile phones

Mobiles are the cheapest, lightest and most convenient way. In 2020, phones with outstanding camera capabilities are ubiquitous. For their price and size, they’re great for some easy snaps of photos here and there but definitely lacking in terms of quality when compared to cameras.

Basic DSLR

DSLR cameras capture stunning photos but you need to know how to operate it properly to get the best functionality out of it. They also require the necessary setup of tripods, especially if solo travelling, and other accessories to work to their full potential. They can be bulky and cumbersome to bring around if you want to travel light. That being said, there are hybrid DSLRs in the market which are more compact and travel friendly, however you will be compromising quality for the price point paid.

Take it up a notch with lenses

Many casual photographers start off with a simple kit lens. They’re great in their own ways, they’re affordable with an adequate focal length range to cover basic travel, street and landscape photography.

Two lenses we would recommend investing in to upgrade your photos: a prime lens for a whole different level of portraits and a wide angle lens for that picture perfect panoramic landscapes.

Hire a travel photographer

Save yourself all that hassle, added baggage weight and equipment maintenance by hiring a travel photographer.

There are tons of good reasons why it’s worth investing in a Singapore Photographer for a travel photoshoot. Yes, you’d have to factor in the additional cost but, trust me, it’s worth it. You’re paying for much more than an album of professional photographs.

In a true-blue Singaporean lingo, “don’t say we never share hor”.

Why must you hire a travel photographer?

They know the place well

Photographers are curious individuals. They’re usually the ones prowling the cities for unique, cool photo locations. Not only will they know the city inside out, they will suggest some secret even-locals-don’t-know locations to shoot at. This gives you the chance to explore the city better and also get stunning one-of-a-kind pictures in authentic locales. Whilst your friends are posting pictures in front of Marina Bay Sands, you will be rocking photos above a hidden rooftop overlooking the skyline of Singapore.

They have all the professional gear

Even if you have these equipment at home, do you really want to be travelling with them all the way to Singapore? We’ll advise to leave them at home. Let the photographer do the heavy lifting… of lenses, tripods and flashes. You don’t have to worry of damaging them in transit, losing them whilst awing at our beautiful city (Singapore is very safe by the way), fumbling with the settings or corrupting your SD card. Nightmares, aren’t they?

Relax, travel light. You just need to ask them to be present at a certain place and time to get the work done from their end. You also need to understand their approach towards their art. Are they better at candid photographs, or are they good at directed and framed shots? Depending on how they approach visuals, you’ll be able to get a better answer out of them and also ensure you’re able to receive exactly what you want from the photographer.

Previously covered shoots are a standard judge of the work done and how good they are in shooting within their capacities and equipment as well.

Professional, edited and touched up photos

Leave it to the professionals to make you and your travel buddies capture memories in this unique city, look great with an album to boast of when you get home. They will provide you with excellent, professional, and studio-grade photos that will enhance your holiday experience.

Bonus: You get a local friend/guide!

Many professional travel photographers get into this line of business as a way to meet travelers, showcase the beauty and hidden side of Singapore that typical tourists don’t see. When you engage one, you’re also engaging someone who can be your local friend and guide (for food especially, all Singaporeans are PASSIONATE about culinary delights).

Beyond the amazing photographs, a local friend made the cream-de-la-creme.

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